HiLook: The Ideal Entry-Level Video Surveillance from Hikvision

What is HiLook and why HiLook?

Are you one of the many who have recently started scouring the video surveillance market, trying to find the perfect CCTV camera that fits all your requirements at an affordable cost? You need to look no further than the Hikvision’s HiLook range of surveillance products: IP Cameras, Turbo HD CCTV cameras, NVR, Turbo-DVR, etc. Why, you may ask? The answer is pretty simple and straightforward: Hikvision has built the most entry-level products in the new HiLook category keeping in mind the needs and requirements of people who are just starting off in the world of video surveillance.

In this article, we will analyze the numerous reasons why the HiLook range of products might be in perfect sync with your surveillance needs.

Top-Notch Performance of HiLook

The first thing that any individual looks for in a surveillance CCTV camera is the performance. Is the video clear enough? Can it capture faces without blurring? Is the streaming quality good? Would there be any apparent lag? What about the quality of low-light images? The questions that you have, as a new customer, are aplenty. And the Hikvision’s HiLook answers all of those more than satisfactorily. The video quality in the HiLook IP Cameras is as clear as day even in low light. You would barely experience any lag in the streaming, so much so that every movement of the object will be captured and transmitted with the utmost efficiency. Faces, aye! It will be like you are actually standing face-to-face with the person in question; no visible pixels or squares and negligible blurring.

Unnervingly Easy to Assemble and Use

Remember that the product is manufactured to suit the requirements of novices in the field. Thus, you can assemble and install the camera without even needing to refer to the manual provided. But still, if you find it a daunting task, or you are simply bored to DIY, just ring up for a professional and a qualified technician will be dispatched at your doorstep. Hikvisionunderstands that you are busy enough with your own personal and work-related problems to care about security enough to go through the manual. So, the technician will explain the basic workings of the equipment post installation so that you, or your surveillance man, can directly delve into securing your house and/or business space.

Reliability is What HiLook Stands for

Oh yes! You won’t find a more reliable manufacturer than Hikvision. Their products do exactly as stated, without deviating from even a single specification. Technology is as steadfast or fickle as its creator, and Hikvision is the most reliable company in video surveillance out there. No wonder that it has got the highest number of sales the world over. And their most recent offering, HiLook, is no exception to their stupendously positive profile.

(And our customer service to support the Hikvision, HiLook and Dahua is very responsive, to say the least! When/If you face any issue with the product, our customer care executive will always be available to help you out.)

Affordability Matters

If you think that Hikvision is the best video surveillance manufacturer out there just because it produces the highest quality products at unimaginably steep prices, think again! Their products are always tagged with a reasonable price. However, did you know that the HiLook is an exception to the rule? Not in terms of quality, but in case of the pricing. Let us quote it again – HiLook products have been manufactured to cater to the needs of amateurs in the field. Thus, you can expect a video surveillance camera from HiLook with unparalleled features at a highly affordable price. You won’t even need to think twice before placing an order, since it is bound to fit in your budget and all your expectations will definitely be exceeded.

Coming to the Specifications

The Hikvision’s HiLook offers two types of products – IP Solution and Turbo-HD Analog Solution. Let us take a brief look at both.

Hillok THC-B240
Hillok THC-B240

HiLook IP Solution: As you might know, IP cameras are all the rage right now. If you were to visit a brick-and-mortar surveillance shop, the salesman is bound to make a case for the IP market before delving into the features of the specific products. Understandably, IP networking has revolutionized the world of CCTV surveillance. With Hikvision’s HiLook, you get the technologically advanced H.265+ codec, which renders the best bandwidth along with the utmost efficiency in the storage of data. A 4-MP imaging with WDR to get the perfect video quality even in the lowest-lighting conditions is an added benefit.

HiLook Turbo-HD Analog Solution: If you think that the analog surveillance camera had already become extinct, you can never be more wrong. Hikvision may just have brought the analog back into action with its Turbo-HD or the HD-TVI technology (same goes to Dahua, such as the Dahua’s HDCVI technology with POC capability) increasing the maximum bandwidth and data efficiency by a huge number. HiLook’s HD-TVI cameras will render the high-quality video, similar to what Hikvision and Dahua can do.

Finally, we come to HiLook’s software offering – the iVMS-4200. The iVMS 4200 software is a blue-chip product that offers not just the regular transmission of video, but also file backup, alarm management, and a host of other features. Additionally, it will be compatible with any and every HiLook product that may consider purchasing in the future. Thus, you don’t need to hesitate before purchasing, say the most basic offering of HiLook, since you can readily upgrade it without changing the transmission software.

Interested in more about Hikvision’s HiLook Products? You can check here for the full range of the HiLook product. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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