PoC (Power over Coax) Explained & the Application on CCTV Cameras Dahua Power Over Coax HDCVI Camera

Dahua Power Over Coax HDCVI Camera

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CCTV cameras are slowly becoming a basic necessity among corporate entities and homeowners alike. All one needs to do is select a CCTV camera online – Hikvision and Dahua being the leading brands in the market – and let the installation team do the necessary work of setting it up. However, did you know that this very installation work is oftentimes frustrating (extended reader: How much does it cost to install CCTV Camera in Singapore), not only for the workers but also for the camera owner? You might find yourself asking the installation team about the deadline every now and then.

And then there is the uncountable number of wires coming out of the camera. Even if major lengths of the wires have been covered and properly insulated, the ones emerging from the camera itself don’t exactly add to the decor of your apartment or commercial space. In IP cameras Singapore, there are at least two wires attached to the instrument – the video cable and the power source wire. After a few years when the insulation wears out, you might find the power cable visibly dangling from the wall.

Dahua POC Explained
Dahua POC Explained

So, how could these basic issues regarding the wiring of CCTVs be overcome? With the revolutionary PoC technology, of course! Power over Coax (PoC) is a relatively new concept that allows the camera to draw power from the coaxial video cable itself. Thus, there is no need to install an additional power wire. The single video cable will be enough!

How does PoC Work?

The concept is pretty easy to understand. You might have heard about the PoE (Power over Ethernet). The cable from which the camera downloads data can be used as a power source in case of PoE. PoC boasts of a similar concept, but it has simplified the technology a lot more. With PoC, the twist-fit BNC connector is used to draw power, which implies that only a single wire needs to be connected to the camera. How cool is that! You no longer need to face the camera just to find a number of wires emerging from it. Even the installation guy will thank you for reducing their trouble!

Benefits of PoC in CCTV Camera (Dahua HDCVI & Hikvision Turbo HD Camera)

Did you think that you will need to buy an entirely new camera to experience the benefits of PoC? Not at all! You can easily upgrade to the PoC technology in many Hikvision and Dahuacameras if you have the standard RG59 coaxial cable. There are even a few ‘shotgun’ cables available in the market which run RG59 video and power wires side by side. Simply remove the power wire for the RG59 cable to be compatible with PoC.

With the new Hikvision Turbo HD Cameras and Dahua HDCVI cameras offering this revolutionary technology, you will not only save time and money on the installation but also keep the beauty of your apartment’s interiors intact. Additionally, with PoC, you can also increase the length of the cable to a whopping 400 meters. Thus, you can comfortably carry out the surveillance from your neighbor’s house if you want!

The Dahua HDCVI and Hikvision Turbo HD are only the first in the range of numerous PoC cameras yet to come. We believe that the technology will go on improving with time, but the upgrades will always be at hand. So you don’t need to wait for the upgrades. Just purchase one of the newer models of Hikvision and Dahua, and you would be good to go.

Needless to say, PoC won’t necessarily be compatible with the older versions of the DVRs. The DVRs need to be PoC compatible in the first place. Thus, if yours isn’t, then you would need to purchase a new one. Furthermore, PoC compatibility requires that you connect the wire directly to the DVR. Wireless connections won’t work. Even the earlier versions that connect directly to the monitor won’t be compatible with PoC. If you wish to switch to this type of CCTV Cameras, then make sure that you have a direct wired connection with the DVR.

The points mentioned in the previous paragraph are the only exceptions for PoC, wherein you need to upgrade the DVR itself. Apart from that, PoC and its numerous benefits are up for grabs. Interested in the PoC CCTV Cameras? Check here for the applicable products, technical specifications and prices.

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