CCTV Camera Installation in Singapore: How Much Does It Cost?

When looking for a CCTV camera installation, we are led by a strong desire to protect our close ones and our assets. Before we know it, we stumble upon the unavoidable question: how much does it really cost?

The short answer is that most CCTV camera Singapore installation companies will charge you anywhere between $500 and $1,500. The long answer, however, is a bit more complicated, since it depends on various different factors that will determine the final price, some of which we're going to discuss today.

In any case, you can rest assured that a CCTV camera installation won't cost you anywhere near the thousands of dollars, so you can safely put your fears to rest. Before delving any further, there is one decision you're going to have to make: do you want a dummy camera or a real one?

Dummy CCTV Camera versus a real CCTV Camera

The dummy version is by far the cheapest option, but you do have to realize that it doesn't have the capacity to record anything, because its sole purpose is to discourage possible intruders from even thinking about trespassing. As such, it won't be able to provide any sort of evidence in case the perpetrators manage to see through the disguise. Apart from that, it's also more durable, since it doesn't really contain any electronic components. A real CCTV camera is what you should be looking to get if you don't want to take any chances. This option is especially recommended in case your property is located in a dangerous area. While it won't exactly be free, it will provide you with solid evidence you can present to the authorities upon request. If you've decided you want the real deal, you're not quite done yet! There are different types of CCTV cameras available, and this has a direct impact on the costs.

Dome CCTV camera

This type of CCTV cameras are the most appropriate for securing large areas. For example, large halls, offices, or even shopping malls would fit into that category. Another benefit they have is that the cameras are placed inside the dome, which means that people won't be able to tell in which direction they're pointed at.

Hidden CCTV camera

These type of CCTV cameras are the best choice if you want to conceal the fact that you're recording what's going on. If you're looking for a budget-friendly option, they're one of the best choices out there. If you want to go the extra mile to ensure they remain secret, it's a good idea to go for the wireless ones, since they are typically much easier to hide.

Infrared security camera

These type of CCTV cameras are rather hi-tech, which means they're probably going to be on the pricier side. In case you've got extra funds to spare, though, they're an excellent choice, since they are well equipped to capture clear footage even in low light conditions. They are suitable for both the indoor and outdoor environments alike.

What affects the cost of CCTV camera installation?

Once you've determined what type of CCTV camera would be the most suitable for your needs, it's time to decide what features you want. A general rule of thumb is that the more features it has, the more expensive it's going to be. For example, if you only want to record what's going on during daylight, it doesn't make sense to get an infrared security camera, because they are more expensive than the normal ones.

How to determine the best CCTV camera for your needs?

In the end, only you can be the one to determine what the most suitable choice is for your particular and unique situation. Usually, you're looking for a balance between functionality and cost. If you have some extra funds available, you may also want to consider an IP CCTV camera, which is a really convenient camera to have, since you can access it from anywhere. Getting the one with motion sensors is also a great option, because it only starts recording when it needs to. This not only saves you space on the device, but your time as well, since you won't have to go through so much empty footage when trying to locate a specific recorded event.

As you can see, trying to determine the CCTV camera installation costs in Singapore is no easy matter, but any qualified professional is going to be ready to assist you the best way he can. A good pricing decision always takes your budget into account, but the price alone should never be what your final buying decision is based on, and you should always evaluate what kind of solution your particular situation calls for. In any case, as long as you have the things that we've discussed today in mind, you should be fine. Getting the one with motion sensors is also a great option, because it only starts recording when it needs to. This not only saves you space on the device, but your time as well, since you won't have to go through so much empty footage when trying to locate a specific recorded event.

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