Dahua HDCVI Camera: Helping to Upgrade Existing CCTV Camera

Dahua Technology’s HDCVI CCTV camera

The High Definition Composite Video Interface, invented by Dahua Technology (Dahua HDCVI), has recently been introduced in the market of surveillance CCTV camera. (Not to confused with HD-TVI technology from Hikvision). HDCVI brought a revolutionary change in the market of security aid products because of additional features of clear video and long distance coverage. Using the Dahua HDCVI technology, now you can enhance the existing surveillance CCTV camera system. Along with enhanced video quality, the technology also allows you to install the complex surveillance system for foolproof security. Additionally, the technology provides you with the cost effective installation because the Dahua HDCVI can be connected through existing coaxial cable.

How is Dahua HDCVI Technology Better than the Traditional Analog CCTV Camera?

The High Definition Composite Video Interface from Dahua (Dahua HDCVI) is based on latest technology with enhanced video quality. The following few points will help you to know the difference between the Dahua HDCVI technology and the traditional analog surveillance CCTV camera.

  • The Dahua HDCVI technology helps you to capture more clear images and videos as compared to the traditional analog cameras. You can get 1080p high-resolution image and video up to a 300-meter distance from Dahua HDCVI CCTV camera. Up to 500m, the Dahua HDCVI provides 720p video quality which is also clearer than the traditional CCTV camera.
  • The traditional analog camera provides interlaced scan which gives you maximum high resolution capturing quality up to 960H (960×480, or 960×576) whereas the HDCVI works on the basis of progressive scan which gives high resolution in megapixels.
  • The interlaced scan provides improper reproduction finer details of the video due to flickering effects. The progressive scan has eliminated the blurring and flickering effects from the video due to high vertical resolution. So, the Dahua HDCVI technology is better for finer details of the image and video.
  • The traditional interlaced scan camera captures the images with minimum resolution up to 100m. Beyond 100m, you cannot get the clear image of the object. The Dahua HDCVI technology CCTV camera featured with progressive scan provides a clear image with finer details up to 500m.
  • The traditional CCTV camera is only capable of transmitting video through single coaxial cable. For audio, you need to add separate cable which does not only increase the installation cost but also leads to jumbling up the cable network. The Dahua HDCVI is featured with the quality to transmit video and audio through the single coax cable.

Features and Benefits of Dahua HDCVI CCTV camera for the Users:

HDCVI technology is playing a very effective role for home and office security. Currently, a large number of homeowners and companies are replacing their analog camera surveillance system with Dahua HDCVI CCTV camera. Why people prefer the Dahua HDCVI technology cameras on the traditional cameras, you will read in the subsequent bullet points.

  • The HDCVI technology allows you to upgrade your existing surveillance system just by replacing the cameras. The HDCVI cameras are compatible with the coax cables. You do not need to buy additional cables for up-gradation of the surveillance system. So, the Dahua HDCVI is the cost effective choice for the end users.
  • 1080p & 720p provides you with clearer video of the scene which is helpful to monitor the activities around your home and office. Moreover, the high definition video is also helpful for investigation point of view in the case of a mishap. So, you achieve the desired results for which you have installed the surveillance system in your office or home.
  • High definition digital zoom feature allows you to zoom in/out the video in live mode. The system also allows you to zoom in/out the video in playback mode.
  • The progressive scan feature provides you with the uninterrupted real-time video in day and night modes.
  • The new HDCVI technology CCTV camera automatically processes the video to store in DVR in compressed form. This feature is best for space-saving point of view. Now you can store the longer duration videos on DVR.
  • The HDCVI is capable of capturing videos through coaxial cable up to 500m. The long covering range reduces the overall security network cost because you need fewer cameras to cover your office or home.

Conclusion of Dahua HDCVI CCTV Camera

The Dahua HDCVI technology is the best choice for homeowners and companies who want to upgrade their analog security system. Included with qualities and extended video recording and viewing options, HDCVI camera is also cost effective. So, you can upgrade your surveillance system with minimum possible cost.

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