Hikvision: Review of the CCTV Cameras and IP Cameras from Hikvision

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Hikvision is one of the most important companies in the field of video surveillance around the world, with a presence in more than 155 countries and regions. In fact, it is considered as the number one company in CCTV and video surveillance equipment production worldwide.

Hikvision designs and manufactures high-quality CCTV related products, based on a strong program of research and development. With a wide range of devices, from IP cameras, Turbo HD (HD-TVI) CCTV cameras to the required software and alarm systems, Hikvision is a reference when it comes to video surveillance devices.

Innovation is the main characteristic of Hikvision’s products, offering state-of-the-art technology suitable for many environments such as retail shops, warehouses, buildings, offices, restaurants as well as residential and industrial applications.

Hikvision: Turbo HD (HD-TVI) CCTV Cameras

Hikvision’s analog CCTV cameras, for instance, is among the most affordable options but with very remarkable results. Turbo HD technology makes it easy for you to migrate from analog security systems to a digital installation, bringing the possibility of obtaining full HD footage with analog cameras.


Turbo HD technology offers video transmission via a coaxial cable and it’s compatible with the existing analog cameras. These products are based on the HDTVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface) standard which turns out to be the most adequate for migrating from analog systems already installed, delivering resolutions up to 8MP(4K) (As of Oct 2019). The variety of Hikvision Turbo HD cameras come with various shapes like dome, turret, and bullet models. Outdoor, indoor, low-light and motorized cameras are available.

Regarding video storage, Turbo HD systems can be installed along with Turbo HD DVR (Digital Video Recorders) which offer simultaneous connectivity to both network and analog camera types thanks to their capability of automatic signal detection and recording it using the existing cable installations.

There are also other types of analog cameras offered by Hikvision like DIS&PICADIS, CCD and HD-SDI cameras.

DIS&PICADIS analog cameras deliver a high-quality video image with outdoor and indoor models available. This segment offers dome-shaped and bullet type cameras. The latter model comes in two forms: fixed lens and varifocal.

Varifocal cameras have a lens that allows the covering angle adjustment and the focal depth.

CCD cameras come in various types. CCD stands for Charge Coupled Device and it means these cameras are more sensitive to light, capturing a wider range of image tones. Several models are offered by Hikvision under this technology: dome (for indoor and outdoor), box cameras, pinhole, fixed lens , and varifocal cameras.

HD-SDI cameras are the High Definition alternative among analog surveillance equipment. They are capable of delivering resolutions of 720p and 1080p. Some models are built as vandal-proof, offering color or black/white footage, and also come in several shapes (dome, box, bullet) as well as tow lens options (fixed and varifocal).

Hikvision: Smart IP Cameras

Hikvision's IP Cameras offered by Hikvision are superior in terms of resolution and the range of features that can be achieved with it. This technology, being based on a network installation supported by the internet, allows even more functionalities than analog cameras such as:

Hikvision Smart IP Cameras
Hikvision Smart IP Cameras
  • Artificial Intelligence IP Cameras and NVRs which come with facial recognition, people counting functions, etc
  • Smart features such as those included in the Smart IP Solution 2.0, an innovative set of features that include the following: Target Cropping Stream, Object Counting, Region enter/exit, Object Left Behind / Object Removed, license plate recognition features (ANPR), Smart Playback, Smart Backup, People Counting Mode, etc., all of them designed to make the most out of video surveillance.
  • A wide range of camera resolutions, day/light vision devices, motion sensors, audio recording.
  • Greater storage capacity thanks to the NVR (Network Video Recorder) technology, allowing compressed high definition video to be stored in a Hard Disk Driver, and even audio from IP cameras. Compared to DVR systems, this option is highly superior regarding resolution and image quality, since data is sent and received through a local network.
  • Thanks to their enhanced functionalities, IP based CCTV cameras have a better performance in a greater number of applications and environments, especially those with hard conditions such as night surveillance, manufacture plants or any other environment with high traffic, places where control over workers and merchandise is highly required, etc.

Hikvision has a very complete product catalog for each particular case, from home applications to industry safety needs. Cutting edge technology is a characteristic that comes with the Hikvision brand, from beginning to end, and bringing a lot of options that can be adapted to every budget but always keeping high-quality results in all cases.

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