Hikvision HD-TVI CCTV Camera: Technology and Application Explained

What is HD-TVI Technology?

HD-TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface) is an open technology created by the Techpoint company in 2012 and is now used by different manufacturers of CCTV camera systems. As a free software based know-how, any video surveillance producer can develop HD-TVI devices.

HD-TVI is a combination of high-resolution footage and fast analog data transmission. Modulation-demodulation process and image processing by means of an analog method are merged with the features of HD technology, resulting in a great and practical solution.

One of the main characteristics of HD-TVI is the possibility to change a digital signal into an analog signal as well as taking up less storage space. Also, HD-TVI takes uncompressed High Definition video and makes the transmission over long distances via a coaxial cable.

Hikvision HD-TVI Technology CCTV Camera

Hikvision HD TVI CCTV Camera

HD TVI CCTV camera is named “Turbo HD” at Hikvision

As one of the biggest video surveillance companies in the world, Hikvision offers HD-TVI options as analog solutions with high-quality performance. (Note that, Hikvision names HD-TVI CCTV Camera as “Turbo HD” CCTV Camera)

HD-TVI technology from Hikvision is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a combination of economy and great results. Compared to IP cameras, HD-TVI technology turns out to be a low-cost possibility of getting HD footage and useful features while utilizing the existing analog cabling when migrating from one system to the other.

Not long ago, the only way to get a High Definition CCTV Camera system was to buy an IP solution, which implied high costs and the adoption of a very specific technology, but HD-TVI by Hikvision has brought users the possibility of adapting their analog installations and obtain a high definition system without actually making an upgrade.

This means that if you already have an analog CCTV video surveillance system, you can easily get to the next level to HD resolution with a minimum investment in wiring and related infrastructure.

Hikvision HD TVI CCTV Camera

Hikvision HD-TVI (Turbo HD) CCTV Cameras

HD-TVI technology allows you to use the existing coaxial cables for transmitting a 720p or a 1080p HD resolution video, guaranteed for up to 800 meters (720p) and 1200 meters (1080p) with a high quality and reliability, a distance that would be really hard to achieve by a regular analog technology.

In addition, this solution is compatible with IP cameras and other HD-TVI devices, being an open standard. Thanks to this feature, Hikvision’s HD-TVI devices can work with no trouble when connecting them to HD-TVI compatible DVRs or cameras from a different brand.

HD-TVI technology by Hikvision also offers the possibility of remote configuration via coaxial cable, so it is a fact that the user can make changes and set up the system without having to be where the camera is, making it easier to manage the whole camera installation.

Why Should You Consider HD-TVI Camera by Hikvision?

There are many advantages that make Hikvision’s HD-TVI CCTV camera range a very appropriate solution:

  1. As stated before, you can save money in cabling since the installation does not need further materials but the existing ones.
  2. Audio and video transmission is also made through the coaxial cable, so there is no need for additional wiring on motorized domes and other special types of CCTV cameras.
  3. Bitrate can be reduced up to a 50% with Hikvision’s HD-TVI installations and still keep a high quality of transmission without losing important image details. This is possible thanks to Hikvision’s high-caliber H.264+ compression.
  4. Migration to a future smart IP Camera installation is easier; that is because the signal from HD-TVI systems is able to go through UTP cabling, so if there is a new installation being made already with this type of cable, compatibility is guaranteed.
  5. Combining the two technologies (HD-TVI and IP) to get a hybrid high-definition surveillance system is easy. By replacing only the existing analog cameras and DVRs and having additional zones covered by IP cameras, you will have a completely functional and reliable installation while you save some money.
  6. No signal loss in theory in a range of 800-1200 m distance is also guaranteed
  7. HD-TVI CCTV camera systems by Hikvision allows you to use your analog cameras and connect them to the HD-TVI DVR and still get a good image quality, according to the camera’s capabilities.
  8. HD-TVI Camera systems offer a no-delay transmission since video digitalization does not occur in the camera (as in IP Camera systems) so the transmission is immediate.
  9. There is no difference between the installation method of analog and HD-TVI camera systems, so you will not be charged a higher cost for the extra knowledge required for an IP camera installation.

HD-TVI technology by Hikvision is always improving. Each solution provides high-resolution devices (up to 5 MP and 4K video output) and the constant research and development keeps bringing even more efficient products and installations that bring you the possibility of having a high definition camera system without the need of replacing any of the cabling previously installed for analog devices or making expensive substitutions with IP cameras.

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