How to Find Hidden Camera at Your Place

Do you ever get a feeling that someone is watching you? Well, you might be right. Nowadays, technology is at the point where it’s relatively easy to produce a hidden camera that’s small and hard to notice, which means that voyeurs might have an easier time secretly installing one in a room and spying on you.

Please bear in mind that if you discover a hidden camera at your place or in a place it clearly shouldn’t belong (a restroom or perhaps a hotel room), proper authorities should be alerted immediately. In most of the countries, this is not only a serious infringement of your personal privacy but also a crime.

That being said, you do have the right to install a hidden camera at your place, as long as you respect other people’s privacy. For example, monitoring your living room or a hallway is perfectly fine, since these are the more public and open parts of your home, and the intention of doing so is to protect yourself against thieves and intruders.

Today, we’re going to present you with the best methods on how to find a hidden camera at your place:

1. Checking the room manually

The most obvious way to find a hidden camera at your place is to manually check out the points of interest in a room. For example, a camera might be hidden in some sort of a cover, like under a bed or in a plant. But there are also certain types of hidden cameras that are designed to be hard to spot, like those that are camouflaged as a stuffed doll or a common household object such as a pen.

This method, however, is not fully reliable, and a hidden camera can easily be missed that way. If you want to be more certain that your place is camera free, you should also take advantage of other measures.

2. Using your ears

It’s a known saying that eyes can deceive us. That’s why you should turn off the music and all the other types of similar distractions, so you can walk around the room and listen for any strange sounds. You see, many motion-sensitive cameras make a specific click or buzz when they operate that is almost impossible to hear, but doable if you listen closely.

3. Using your cellphone

You know how certain devices (such as your speakers) make a strange buzzing sound when you stand next to them with your cellphone while making a call? The same method can be used to find a hidden camera at your place. This method is a bit more reliable than using your ears.

4. Using a signal detector

Finding a hidden camera at your place can’t be more simple than buying a signal detector that’s professionally designed just for that purpose. However, the obvious downside is that it’s going to cost you some money unlike simply using a cellphone that you probably carry on you at all times. However, the device is not at all expensive.

An RF (radio frequency) detector won’t take too much space and it’s not hard to use. While it should be able to help you detect most types of hidden cameras, there are some professional ones that camouflage the signal by using “spread spectrum” to confuse such devices. These types of professional hidden cameras can only be detected by using a spectrum analyzer or by hiring a professional technician.

5. Checking behind the mirrors

One of the tricks used by voyeurs is to place a camera on the other side of a mirror that is see-through, while the other side acts as a regular mirror. That way, it can remain perfectly hidden while capturing the entire room.

However, these types of mirrors all share one weakness: they rely on the observer’s side being darker than the room they are observing. If this is not the case, the mirror stops being reflective. So in order to find a hidden camera that’s installed behind a mirror, turn off the lights and see if anything changes.

6. Checking for strange LED lights

While turning off the lights, you should also check for strange LED lights that shouldn’t be there. Believe it or not, some people completely forget to disable this feature on a camera after installing it or cover it up by other means. Naturally, these are way easier to spot in darker environments.

7. Spotting the unrecognized power socket

A hidden camera can be one type of CCTV cameras. Therefore, some hidden cameras require constant AC power to run (while some hidden cameras only require batteries to run). Thus it makes no harm to check all the power sockets at your place. If you don’t recognize any plugs attached to the sockets, unplug them!

Conclusion on How to Find the Hidden Camera at Your Place

In order to truly make sure that your place is free of hidden cameras, you should take advantage of more than one method. Again, if you discover one and feel that it’s placed somewhere it probably shouldn’t be, you should call the police immediately.

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