CCTV Camera Singapore: Who Are Using It?

CCTV Camera: Who are using it in Singapore?

There are a lot of people using CCTV camera today. It is quite common for both residential and commercial establishments in Singapore to invest in CCTV cameras for their own protection. According to experts, CCTV camera Singapore is growing in popularity because of the possibility of preventing crimes and even minor violations from happening. And this is the reason why government agencies are also taking a closer look at surveillance cameras.

Government agencies and CCTV Camera Singapore

Police forces are also pushing towards installing CCTV cameras in every block nationwide. Since 2012, there were over 50,000 police cameras installed in more than 8,000 blocks. According to experts, it has served as a deterrent to events such as loan shark harassment and even the minor illegal parking violations.

Statistics released by police officers showed that there’s lesser number of harassment cases by moneylenders in areas with CCTV cameras. These cameras also made it possible for the police to arrest the unlicensed moneylenders with 360 cases of harassment since 2012.

The National Environment Agency is also using CCTV cameras in order to catch litterbugs. The cameras were able to catch 33% of offenders.

How Does CCTV Camera Benefit Businesses?

CCTV camera Singapore isn’t only useful for police work. It can also come in handy for business owners. A lot of times, business owners have peace of mind when they make use of CCTV cameras to monitor the performance of their employees.

It helps give them a chance to see what is happening even if they are not physically present. Even if it doesn’t prevent untoward incidences to happen on the premises of your business, surveillance cameras give businesses an impartial eye that gathers evidence.

And the good news is that CCTV cameras can run for 24 hours. This means that you rarely need to get the help of experts to maintain your surveillance systems. It can also give your employees peace of mind especially if you are operating your business in an area with high incidence of crime.

And also, for supervisors, CCTV cameras can help correct mistakes. It is possible to review the tape and identify problems in your business protocol that led to the mistake. This can even increase the productivity in the workplace.

Lastly, surveillance cameras can help reduce insurance premiums. It is financially advantageous because not only does it lessen the event of mishaps, it also gives you a clear recording of what transpired when you weren’t looking.

How Does CCTV Camera Benefit Homeowners?

Homeowners can also benefit from this technology in so many ways. For instance, homeowners can have peace of mind whenever they are leaving their house for work. Now that these cameras can be hooked online and can even be viewed on your mobile phone, it is simple to monitor your home.

It gives you an idea what is happening inside the property. Have you left the lights when you left the house or is there anyone suspicious roaming around and looking at your property?

This type of technology can also give parents the peace of mind that they always want for their family. If you have children inside the house, it is easy to see what they are doing in the common areas, especially if you haven’t returned from work yet.

Analog CCTV Camera vs. IP Camera

Two of the popular options that you can go for are either analog or IP CCTV cameras. For starters, what exactly are analog and IP CCTV cameras? IP and analog cameras make use of an analog image sensor. For analog cameras, it makes use of a CCD sensor while IP cameras use either CCD or CMOS. From the signal received by the image sensor, it is then converted into digital form using a converter. It is then further processed by the onboard digital circuitry or DSP.

For an IP camera, it further compresses and transmits the signal via IP protocol and stored in a network video recorder. An analog camera, on the other hand, will convert the image back to analog which allows the image to be transmitted to a video monitor or digital video recorder.

What makes the one from the other different? In terms of picture quality, even the worst IP CCTV camera can still provide better image quality than the best analog CCTV cameras in the market. Another benefit of IP cameras is its video analytics. It allows you to flag events that occur within a specific field of vision. However, let’s admit that IP cameras are more expensive than the analog CCTV cameras.

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