How to Choose CCTV Camera & IP Camera for Schools in Singapore

As the person in charge of a school, or university, or education / tuition center, have you ever considered installing CCTV Camera or IP Camera?

CCTV Camera / IP Camera for Children’s Safety Concern

One of the main concerns of school directors and parents is the safety of the children and youngsters that day by day spend a remarkable amount of time in these buildings. 

Students and teachers are exposed sometimes to robberies, violence or drugs coming from the outside so even their lives might be in risk due to the presence of strangers around the school that represent a threaten for both the kids and school personnel.

On the other hand, thieves might wait until vacation time comes and break in the school, stealing objects that can range from minor assets to very expensive and valuable equipment like computers, air conditioning units, cabling, lamps and other devices that support the teaching and learning process. 

In Singapore, although not that often, but vandalism has become a problem not only in schools but in universities and other education centers too. Very often vandals enter these places and destroy valuable property or ruin the paint on walls, becoming a real issue for directors and security personnel. CCTV camera and IP camera systems help to address these safety concerns, and providing the solutions which are needed.

CCTV Camera / IP Camera at Pre-School, Day Care Center and Kindergarten

Day care center, pre-school and kindergarten sites are especially delicate places where a CCTV Camera / IP camera is a must have. Education and caring of toddlers and little children come with great responsibility and owners should invest the fair amount of money in a CCTV Camera surveillance system that contributes to keeping everyone safe inside the building. Furthermore, parents will always want the best for their kids, and that includes a safe school where they can be sure their children can develop their activities in a secure environment. The level of security that an education center offers to their students so turns into an important factor when parents choose where to send their kids. Unfortunately, sexual abuse cases towards children have risen in Singapore during the last years, turning this matter into a really serious and sensitive problem, especially in schools. This sort of issue might become diminished if visible CCTV Cameras are installed throughout the school so abusers feel dissuaded from committing such crimes.

CCTV Camera / IP Camera for both Teachers and Students

The school staff might also want to work in a safe place. It is important to remember that schools are workplaces and that teachers, janitors, librarians and every worker will benefit from the installation of a CCTV Camera / IP Camera system in the school for their own good, being also a method of evaluating their performances and many other applications. Also, in Singapore, in certain cases a student’s misbehavior might become a bigger problem when the school does not have a CCTV Camera system installed. The existence of a surveillance system will keep students from bullying other kids or from committing some other kind of violation to the school’s rules.

CCTV Camera / IP Camera in Case of Emergency

Another important situation where a CCTV Camera or IP Camera system is useful in a school site, is the case of an emergency evacuation. The surveillance system will allow teachers and security personnel make sure that every student has gotten out of the building, so the rest of the emergency plan can be correctly fulfilled. For those reasons and many more it is important to include a CCTV Camera system in schools in order to prevent this kind of incidents as well as to meet the demands of parents and personnel in regards of safety.

A complete surveillance CCTV Camera / IP Camera system for school should include the perimeter of the building so that it is possible to detect if some strange person approaches to the place. Along with this, sound alarms and a direct connection with the local authorities is something that could help decrease the rate of unwanted events in schools, colleges and day cares. All of the access doors to the school must be covered so that it is possible to control the entrance of people to the building. It is important to point out that this is a work that a CCTV Camera or IP Camera system alone will not do. The school’s security personnel must be involved in this task in order to obtain the desired results. Motion detection systems can be installed along with the CCTV Cameras, and this can be particularly helpful in such a site as school since some of them have a very wide area of coverage. By means of this option, security personnel can be more attentive to where the action is taking place and respond to it effectively. Installing a CCTV Camera or IP Camera systems in schools will help everyone inside: kids, parents, school personnel as well as the local authorities. It is a chance to reduce more than one type of crime around the place.

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