How to Choose CCTV Camera & IP Camera for Restaurants in Singapore

Do you run a restaurant, or a coffee shop, or a food stall in Singapore. You might have the basic understanding of the importance of having some CCTV camera, or IP Camera on the premise. But this article will share more in-depth details with you. Read on.

To start, we all know that every business needs a minimum level of safety and protection against common situations in Singapore that might cause damages to the assets, employees and clients or maybe represent important losses in financial terms.

Restaurants, coffees hops, bars and other food services are not the exception. The amount of people that enters every day, the supplies that are delivered and, expensive furniture and cooking devices, among other factors, need to be protected in case of an unwanted event such as a robbery, fraud or any other kind of circumstances that may affect the good performance of the business.

CCTV Camera, or IP Camera Systems is the first thing you should think about if you want to bring the best safety solution to your restaurant in Singapore.But there are some things you need to know in order to take full advantage of what CCTV Camera systems can offer to you and your business:

Install CCTV Camera / IP Camera in Strategic Places

There are specific areas of a restaurant in which is essential to place CCTV Camera and IP Camera. One of them is the dining area, arranged in a way that gives a wide view of the place so you can use the footage for evaluating the service quality of your staff; this way, you will be able to check with enough detail how the attention to customers is as well as any robbing situation involving purses or bags.

Another important location is the cash register. It is necessary to check frequently on the cash handling in order to detect any possible robbery or unusual movement around this area.
The POS also needs to be covered. Sometimes this devices are located next to the cash register, but if not, you have to make sure there’s a CCTV Camera or IP Camera right there, which offers a quality image so you can use the recorded footage in case of a fraud with a credit/debit card for investigation purposes. (Helpful note here: also consider CCTV Camera Text Inserter which can record the text information from your POS together with the CCTV camera footage).

The kitchen is one of the places where a CCTV Camera or IP Camera system can help you improve procedures, find out about specific details of an extraordinary plate, and generally, analyze your processes and make them better by means of optimisation.
If your restaurant has a bar, this is also a mandatory point of surveillance. A CCTV Camera or IP Camera will help you know if bartenders are being dishonest about tips, or exchanging cheap liquor bottles for expensive ones, etc. A process improvement can also be made here as well as a quality service evaluation.
The main entrance and the parking space can’t be left out. This can help you identify faces of the people entering your restaurant in case of any event that needs that to be done.
Installing CCTV Cameras / IP Cameras in the surroundings on the outside is also recommended for the purpose of preventing suspects from entering the place.

Use CCTV Camera Video Records for Business Improvement

As we mentioned before, there are many areas of the restaurant where CCTV Cameras and IP Cameras can help you observe how things are being done. By turning to your CCTV Camera system footage, you can start a whole campaign of improvement. Sometimes a specific task takes too long and that means your customers are not happy, or maybe there one of your waiters is not offering a good service. All these issues and more can be evaluated in depth, as many times as you want in order to identify the cause of the delaying or to show that waiter what his flaws are. Be sure to completely exploit the features of your CCTV Camera / IP Camera system in your restaurant for the good of the business.

Find a Reliable CCTV Camera company and Quality Devices

Always have in mind that you will be trusting the safety of your business to the partner you choose for the installation of the CCTV Camera or IP Camera system in your restaurant, so you need to make a good choice. Also, find out about what kind of devices and their brands the suppliers install and make sure their staff is fully capable of achieving their correct configuration as well as their handling. You can really get multiple benefits for your business when installing a CCTV Camera or IP Camera system, so it is important to get it from a renowned company that knows how to make a complete and effective installation.

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