Factories, industrial buildings, warehouses, production lines, manufacturing plants and all related environments benefit greatly from the installation of CCTV Camera / IP Camera systems due to the many advantages it delivers regarding productivity, safety, product quality and many other factors which are essential for their good performance.

CCTV Camera / IP Camera Brings More Security

For instance, a CCTV Camera or IP Camera system in a factory will bring more security to the company’s assets, including expensive machinery, specialized equipment, raw materials, finished products, etc., by reducing the losses attributable to robberies which can come from the inside or form the outside of the plant.

When people – workers, visitors or burglars- become aware of the existence of a CCTV Camera / IP Camera installation, they will act different and most probably will restrain from robbing an object or committing a violation to the law or company rules. And even if the crime is done, the recorded footage will help identify the authors and will allow the directors and owners to take the corresponding actions.

CCTV Camera / IP Camera to Increase Productivity

Another good use of the CCTV Camera and IP Camera systems in factories and industrial buildings is for productivity effects. Employees will tend to waste less productive time and supervisors will be able to have a more precise control of their effective working hours as well as of the times when they enter and leave the workplace. In addition, it is possible to have better control of stocks in warehouses or any other place where deliveries or shipping take place. By monitoring the images offered by the CCTV Camera and IP Camera systems, the mentioned processes can be supervised making it possible to detect any unusual activity so that the responsible personnel can act consequently and correct the abnormality.

CCTV Camera / IP Camera To Monitor Production

Another important reason for installing a CCTV Camera network in industries is the fact that it can be the perfect tool for supervising non-stop processes that continue all day long such as those automatized, which require permanent surveillance in order to avoid any malfunction or, in the event of a shutdown, to minimize downtime. Regarding the study of productivity and work, industrial engineers will find in these surveillance systems a great ally for improving working methods and conducting Time and Motion studies, a technique that allows engineers to optimize every process through the continuous observation of the different tasks that are completed in the factory while measuring the time spent. This leads to several changes that once implemented, lower the time needed for every task hence increasing the productivity of working hours. Also, the Industrial Safety department can make good use of a CCTV Camera system since the footage of every working day can provide a key to watch for the correct execution of security standards as well as completing the corresponding study of workplace accidents or incidents, to the effect of preventing them in the future since video recordings can be easily accessed for this matter.

CCTV Camera / IP Camera for Vehicle Control

Entry and exit of vehicles is one of the important things that a CCTV camera system is able to control in this kind of environments. It is necessary to continuously observe all movement to the inside and to the outside of the plant or warehouse to avoid robberies or unauthorized material deliveries or issues and this devices offer the perfect way to go.

Reception of raw materials and dispatch of finished products –and actually every material movement in between- are parts of the production process that should be watched all the time so that control over them is more effective regarding loss reduction. All these and many other uses can be visualized from anywhere the factory’s supervisors and other managing employees when the installation includes the IP (Internet Protocol) system, a network-based circuit that delivers high-quality live footage that can be accessed from a PC or Smartphone. So, for those companies that need remote surveillance of everything that is happening in the production line, IP Camera and CCTV camera systems are the right answer. CCTV camera and IP Camera systems in factories and industrial buildings offer a quick return on investment; they are undoubtedly worthy thanks to all of the above-mentioned advantages and much more. Finding a good CCTV camera system provider, which is capable of offering the best quality of devices, service and consulting is the next step for a great jump towards optimum levels of productivity, security and process controls.

Suitable CCTV Camera and IP Camera for Industry Use

Heavy Duty CCTV Camera. IP66/67 waterproof. IK10 impact protection. Longer video recording time



Most Poplar CCTV Package
539.10starting from one camera

CCTV records in surveillance grade HDD

Centralized recording & control

720P / 1080P recording resolution

True day / night with smart IR

91.3° wide angle coverage

IP66 waterproof

Night vision up to 20m IR

Motion Detection

iOS & Android App

Brand: Hikvision



Super Clear CCTV Package
841.50starting from one camera

CCTV records in surveillance grade HDD

3 / 4 Megapixel Recording Resolution

Centralized recording & control

Singapore Goverment Used Solution

IP66 Waterproof

IK10 impact protection

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

98.5° wide angle coverage

Night vision up to 30m IR

Motion Detection

iOS & Android App

Brand: Hikvision