8 Best Practices to Install CCTV Camera / IP Camera in Retail Shop

Nowadays, a proper set of CCTV Camera or IP Camera system becomes a basic necessity for all retail shops in Singapore. Vandalism, theft, shop-lifting, or even robberies committed by store clerks are some of the concerns of every retail shop owner. The good news is that the above-mentioned problems can be addressed and most probably- solved by means of the installation of a CCTV Camera or IP Camera system for retail shops, for they offer great advantages on security, safety, and constant surveillance.

The good news is that the above-mentioned problems can be addressed and most probably solved by means of the installation of a CCTV Camera or IP Camera system for retail shops, for they offer great advantages on security, safety, and constant surveillance. Even more, the possibility of recording footage for long periods of time is another useful feature you can use whenever you need it.

Having a CCTV Camera / IP Camera system in your retail shop will bring many benefits in several situations, as they are listed below.

CCTV Camera / IP Camera Keeps employees from Stealing Stocks

Store employees are mostly good people. But from time to time it is possible to hear about clerks taking small objects little by little, in such a way that you may not even notice but in the long run your inventory will be missing quite a few items.

On the other hand, sometimes employees don’t even steal from the shop’s merchandise but other items such as office supplies, money from the cash register or any other object.

Installing a CCTV Camera system in your retail shop will be a warning for everyone inside of it. When people are aware of the existence of these devices, they will avoid committing such actions.

CCTV Camera / IP Camera Monitors Cash Register / POS

As a shop owner, you are busy developing your business, thinking of promotion and marketing strategies, and travelling around to expand your business. You can’t stay in any particular retails shop everyday. CCTV camera and IP Camera systems can be extremely helpful in monitoring your cash box – Cash register, or a POS system, to ensure nobody steals cash from there. In addition, combining with CCTV Camera Text Inserter System, you will keep all your transaction records inside the Hard-disk of your CCTV DVR or NVR. You can easily remotely retrieve the relevant records in case of dispute, or browse your end-of-day sales report with your iPad while staying in your home sofa, thanks to the remote viewing capability of CCTV camera and IP camera system.

CCTV Camera / IP Camera is an Important Ally Regarding Work Safety

CCTV camera and IP Camera systems can be very useful to help you comply with the safety standards and regulations regarding work safety. By reducing the possibilities of a robbery –armed or not- you are also protecting your employees and clients in your retail shop.

CCTV Camera / IP Camera Prevents & Helps Investigate Fraud Cases

If someone at your retail shop is trying to commit some kind of fraud by paying with somebody else’s credit card, or is with false bills, checks, etc., a surveillance system can be the key for the case investigation, if it comes to happen or maybe the fraudster won’t go into your store at all when noticing the CCTV Camera or IP Camera system.

That’s why is very important to strategically locate the cameras in your retail shop and take advantage of the power of dissuasion of these devices.

CCTV Camera / IP Camera Can Keep an Eye on Your Suppliers

A CCTV Camera system is a great tool if you want to make sure your suppliers are delivering the correct amounts of merchandise. If there is anything missing, whether intentional or not, the recorded footage will help you put matters in order with your suppliers.

CCTV Camera / IP Camera Can Be Used as a Tool for Evaluating the Quality Service of You Shop

One of the things every company, no matter its size, should exploit from CCTV Camera and IP Camera systems is to check daily recordings and evaluate your employees’ performance with respect to the way the serve the clients, so you are able to reinforce positive behaviours and techniques as well as correct any mistakes or inappropriate practices of your personnel.

CCTV Camera / IP Camera Can Reduce the Need for Security Staff

Small retail shops won’t probably be able to afford high amounts on security agents’ payrolls. Instead, will be better to make a one-time investment in a complete and functional CCTV Camera system that keeps all areas covered, 24 hours, all weeks, and all year round.

Even when you need security personnel, the number of agents will be the minimum required so the costs will go down in that case too.

Always Check on Your Store, Even If You Are Not There

Both CCTV Camera and IP Camera systems are the perfect choice for business owners that cannot be in their stores all the time. By means of an internet connection and the highest technology, you can watch recorded or live footage of your retail shop whenever you want, from wherever you are, just through your PC or Smartphone.

All these advantages and many more should be taken into account when deciding about installing a CCTV Camera system in a retail shop. With the combination of a reliable provider that offers skilled personnel, high quality equipment as well as technical advice, you will be able to cover your security needs in your store.

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