10 Best Selling Safes in Singapore (2018-2019)

Source of the Article: 10 Best Selling Safes in Singapore in 2018-2019

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People take utmost care when it comes to storing their valuable documents, expensive jewelery, personal journals, cash, and other such items. Of course, one can always keep such items in safe deposit box locker in private banks. However, it is not always convenient to visit the bank to access the locker, particularly during the night. This is why the demand for safe boxes has increased significantly nowadays.

The modern day safe boxes are not only tough and durable, but also offer several useful and advanced features for extra security. If you are thinking about buying a safe box for protecting your valuables and documents, there are many options available in Singapore. However, you must buy only the best selling safes that are water resistant, fire resistant, impact resistant, and have features like dual key authorization and others. Here are the features and benefits of top 10 best selling safes in Singapore in 2018-2019.

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1. SentrySafe Security Safe X125

SentrySafe Security Safe X125 features an electronic lock with an override key and removable shelf. The live-locking bolts used in this safe box are made of solid steel. In addition, its body and door is completely pry resistant. The floor of this safe box is carpeted, which makes it more suitable for storing jewellery items. You can also store laptops in this without any hassle. The capacity is 33.4 litres while the weight is 14 KG.

SentrySafe Security Safe X125

Price: $288 with delivery. 1 working day delivery is possible for this safe box. Buy now

2. Diplomat Combination and Key Safe 125

For Diplomat Combination and Key Safe 125, it is almost impossible to crack the code of this safe with mechanical opening system. This black safe box comes with million different code combinations! This 48kg safe box can easily store files of A4 size. The height adjustable shelf does provide a lot of convenience. 5 years warranty gives users the confidence to buy this 26 litres safe.

Diplomat Combination and Key Safe 125

Price: $318 with free deliveryBuy now

3. Nikawa Bio Lite Safe 25FPN

If you are looking for a safe box which can be opened via fingerprints or pin, can be opened with override key, also highly affordable, then you should definitely take a look at this safe. It can accept up to 32 fingerprints and has 2 override keys. It has been certified by CE and it also complies with the RHS standards

Nikawa Bio Lite Safe 25FPN

Price: $229 with free delivery. 1 working day delivery is possible for this safe box. Buy now

4. Nika Fire Resistance Safe NT310

Nika Fire Resistance Safe NT310 is the best selling fire resistant safe box for home users. It has passed fire resistant test and can withstand fire up to 1000 degree C for an hour. You can operate NT310 with an electronic keypad and also via the key. In case of emergencies, you can use its Master Key. If 3 wrong entries are made, the safe box will shut down for 5 minutes.

Nika Fire Resistance Safe NT310

Price: $388 with free deliveryBuy now

5. SentrySafe Security Safe T6-331

SentrySafe Security Safe T6-331 is highly popular for both business and home users. If you are looking for something really tough, go for this safe. The thickness of its door plate and wall is 6mm and 3mm respectively. Made from solid steel, this safe comes with an electronic lock that has 6 lever override key lock. In addition, it also boasts of 4 live-locking bolts in addition to the bungee organisational system and carpeted interior. It offers a huge capacity of 64.5 litres and weighs 47.4 kgs.

SentrySafe Security Safe T6-331

Price: $648 $628 with free deliveryBuy now

6. SentrySafe Fire Proof & Water Resistant Safe SFW123GTC

This fire resistant safe box is also water resistant till 20 cm. Weighing 40.8 kgs, this UL classified safe box can withstand temperature up to 927 deg C for 1 hour. The presence of dual electronic lock makes SFW123GT highly useful by preventing unauthorized access.

SentrySafe Fire Proof & Water Resistant Safe SFW123GTC

Price: $798 $776 with free deliveryBuy now

7. Diplomat Electronic Safe 530E

Diplomat Electronic Safe 530E is ideal for home and office, this feature-rich safe is fire-resistant and can withstand temperature up to 1010 degree C for an hour! You can choose your own password, comprising of 4 to 16 digits. In case someone enters wrong password for 5 consecutive times, the safe box will freeze for 5 minutes.

Diplomat Electronic Safe 530E

Price: $728 with free deliveryBuy now

8. SentrySafe Fire Proof & Water Resistant Safe SFW205GPC

SentrySafe Fire Proof & Water Resistant Safe SFW205GPC is yet another fire and water resistant safe box from SentrySafe that is UL classified and ETL verified. The weight of this safe box is 62kgs and it features 6 live-locking bolts 25 mm each. Key rack, compartment, door pocket, and deep file rack are some of its other features. Another highlight is lights inside for easy access in dark.

Sentrysafe SFW205GPC

Price: $1,268 $1,229 with free deliveryBuy now

9. Yale Certified Safe YSM/520/EG1

Yale Certified Safe YSM/520/EG1 has award winning designs. Weighing 27.5kgs, this compact safe box features a robust body reinforced with armour-plated steel and a laser-cut door opens automatically when the right password is entered. The armour plated steel definitely adds more security to this Yale Certified safe box

yale fire safe ysm 520 eg1

Price: $610 with free delivery. 1 working day delivery is possible is this safe box. Buy now

10. Diplomat Fire Filing Cabinet DFC3000

This safe box is highly popular among business users as it provides utmost security to important documents and features 3 trays for easy storage. The DFC3000 is both fire (up to 1010 deg C for an hour) and water resistant. This ivory color safe has a huge capacity of 147 litres and reduces smoke and flame infiltration. Every drawer can be locked individually and is fire-insulated.

Diplomat Fire Filing Cabinet DFC3000

Price: $1,298 with free deliveryBuy now

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