Hikvison Fingerprint Access Control DS-K1T804AEF

New Generation Fingerprint Door Access Reader

Integrated management of access control and the attendance. 2.4-inch LCD screen to display the time, the date and swiping/fingerprint authentication results. Transmission modes of wired network (TCP/IP) and wireless network. Max. 3000 users, Max. 3000 fingerprints, Max. 100,000 event records. Different authentication types can be configured according to different situations, authentication via PIN code is also supported. Stand-alone operation: locally adds person, card and fingerprints information. Exports the presenting card data and the attendance report to the USB flash drive. Generates the attendance report automatically. Up to 32 normal shifts, up to 32 man-hour shifts, and up to 32 attendance holiday schedules can be configured EM card reading. Secure door control unit accessing via RS-485 connection. Supports fingerprint card reader (DS-K1201 series) accessing. Tampering detection, unlocking overtime alarm, invalid card swiping over times alarm, duress card alarm, and so on. Supports multiple languages: English, Vietnamese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Thai, Turkish, Indonesian, and Ukrainian Accurate data and time display provided by built-in electronic clock Check the device running status via the Watchdog. When exception status occurs, the system will reboot automatically Data can be permanently saved after power-off Supports transmitting data via Wi-Fi Operates via Hik-Connect mobile client Supports ISAPI protocol and ISUP 5.0 protocol