Dahua Fingerprint Door Access Reader ASI2212J-D

Dahua Single Door Password, ID Card, Fingerprint Access Standalone

2.4" TFT display screen with a resolution of 240 × 320. Audio prompts. Supports 5,000 users, 5,000 cards, 5,000 passwords, 3,000 finger prints, and 100,000 records. The security module expansion is supported to enhance security and protect against the device being opened during a power failure. Fingerprint/card/remote/password unlock and unlock through their combinations. Supports duress alarm, tamper alarm, intrusion alarm, door contact timeout alarm, illegal card exceeding threshold alarm, illegal password exceeding threshold alarm, external alarm and anti-passback alarm. Supports guest users, patrol users, blocklist users, VIP users, general users, and others. TCP/IP communication; auto registration, P2P registration, and DHCP. Supports online update and USB update.