Dahua Face Recognition Door Access Reader ASI6214S-D

Face Recognition Access Controller

4.3 inch glass touch screen with a resolution of 272 × 480. 2-MP wide-angle dual-lens camera with IR illumination and DWDR. Multiple unlock methods including fingerprint, face, ID card and password. Supports 6,000 users, 6,000 faces, 6,000 passwords, 6,000 fingerprints, 10,000 cards, 50 administrators, and 300,000 records. Recognizes faces 0.3 m to 1.5 m away (0.98 ft-4.92 ft); face recognition accuracy rate of 99.9% and the 1:N comparison time is 0.2 s per person. Supports improved security and to protect against the device being forcefully opened, security module expansion is supported. Features face mask detection and safety helmet detection. Supports visitor QR code and doorbell function. Supports making video calls and using the app to receive alarm notifications, remotely unlock doors and to perform other tasks. TCP/IP connection. IP65 rated.